Month: December 2017

Why I want to go to Germany and Italy

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Hi I am Kylee and I am going to be talking to you about Germany and Italy. I am going to talk about it because I really want to go there. I want to go to Germany because  I have relatives in my family that are Germans. I want to go and experience what it is like to go there and learn a little about there social life and their culture and learn what it is like in Germany. I also want to go to Italy because I am part Italian and I think it would be cool to learn about what it is like their in Italy. So these are the places I want to go to. if you keep on reading you will find out why I want to go to these places and why they are so special to me.

Now I am going to talk about Germany. Germany is important to me because my great grandma was a German and when she was a live she taught my dad a lot about Germany. When I was close to being born she died and I was sad when I found out that she died before I got to meet her. My dad said that if she still was a live then she would have told me all about Germany and now I wish she would tell me all about it. I want to go to Germany because I want to see what it is like and why my great grandma loved it so much and maybe if I go there and experience staying there for a couple of days then I will feel why my great grandma liked Germany so much.

Now I am going to talk about Italy. There is somebody in my family that is from Italy that I can not remember who it is but there is somebody. I also want to go to Italy just to experience what it is like to live there. If I ever go to Italy I will stay there for a week and do things there and learn about some people there. I also want to go there to learn about their culture and their daily life. This is why I want to go to Italy. So comment down below where you would go to travel!


20% Reflections

One major accomplishment that we have done in our project so far is we have been gathering our materials for our project and when we are going to go. For our project we are going to an orphanage and we are going to play some games with the families and the kids. So far we are figuring out what games we are going to bring and what materials we are going to need. When we go we are going to try and have a lot of fun with the kids there. We are going to try and play with kids of the ages 3 – 6 or 7. This is some major things we are trying to accomplish for our project.

Our December goals are that we are going to try and get all of our materials like the board games and other supplies we are going to need to do our project. This is what we are going to try and do for our December goals.

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